White Rabbit Project



Click HERE to see a video of one of our recent shoots and the tent we made to complete the shoot.



It has been a busy few months for the team at Exclusive Coatings as progress on White Rabbit has continued to develop as more and more of the boat has finally become accessible to our ever growing team. We have even completed several gloss shoots as the finish line is fast approaching on this momentous vessel!!!


Below we have added a gallery of shots of some of the work that has been completed recently, it should be noted however that some of these shots were taking in progress and aren’t reflections of how the boat will look when these spots have received their final coat of gloss. However we hope everyone can appreciate the amount of time and craftsmanship that our team has put into getting the boat to this point because we are certainly proud of the team we have assembled to complete this massive job.




Since our last update more and more parts of the boat have become ready for our final touches that make a super-yacht “super”. We have covered more of the vessel in final primer and continue to get other areas available to us. We even have a nice shot of a few of our guys working on the top of the boat!!


More pictures and updates coming soon!





Over the past two years we have been working diligently on the White Rabbit Project for Echo Yachts. The client for the White Rabbit Project commissioned two vessels to be built for his pleasure. We were heavily involved in the recently completed 46m support catamaran which essentially follows the 84m around carrying all the clients’ toys. However there is much more to this support vessel than just toy transportation. It also houses a number of cabins, all of which are serviced by ensuites as well as a communal lounge room, outdoor and kitchen facilities. Our involvement in this vessel, was to fair and paint the boat and although it was a commercial vessel the owner was particularly satisfied with our finish.


We are also still involved with the second and grandest of the two vessels which is an 84m long, trimiran hulled boat which will be fitted out with the best materials and techniques in the industry. As for our involvement in this grand vessel we are responsible for the fairing and painting of this beast of a boat. To date we have covered several sections of this vessel in final primer and are working on other sections of the boat.